My name is KD Knoebel. If you want to look for it, I have used my full name before. But generally I just use my usual posting handle, kadaka.

In case you were wondering, there is someone posting as “philjourdan” out in the blogosphere who links his handle to “https://sanityfirst.wordpress.com/“. I’m not him. I was arguing with him once, clicked on his handle to check out his site.

And WordPress said it didn’t exist, and asked if I wanted to register it. Well frankly, I don’t like it when someone tries for the “prestige” of a highlighted handle which usually indicates a link to their own site, but it’s all a fake. So I claimed the name like I was picking up a lost quarter on the sidewalk. I’ll try to put it to good use.

So now I’m waiting to see when or even if “philjourdan” notices he’s linking to me. ;-)


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