Saving The World one dryer load at a time

The simplest of helpful things can be easily overlooked, not thought of.

Presumably you know enough to clean the lint filter of your automated clothes dryer before doing a load. If you have such a dryer, and don’t only use laundromats where that’s not a user issue with those commercial-grade machines.

But do you do it midway through a load?

If you would pause the dryer and check the filter during a cycle, you would likely find most of the lint comes out about halfway through. I always dry with heat and that’s what I find.

Now think about how much energy is wasted by that much restriction of the air flow. Sure, you might think it’s holding in the heat so it’s a good thing. But then the moisture in the air is also held in, and you want that moisture out of the clothes and the dryer.

If you use the timer, the restriction means more time needed for the same dryness. Likewise with a moisture-sensing cycle.

So pause the dryer about 1/2 to 2/3 through, and clean the lint filter.

That’s it.

By the end, I find there’s so little lint from the remainder of the cycle it’s not worth cleaning out, or it’s so light I need to grab an old piece of lint to “tease” what’s there off the mesh.

A simple thing, takes a minute. You’ll save energy, and some wear on the machine by it not having to fight against the restriction for so long. And you can tell your family and friends, you did your part.


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