Onward to the beginning

Yes, it has been over a month since I “started” this blog. Since then I have done daily things, but also research for future posts, and handling the usual intense immediate mini-tragedies.

But what was also done, was waiting to see if the person who was linking their posting “handle” to the blog’s name although it wasn’t in use, as I detailed on the About page, would complain.

Sure, they’ve been linking to the fake website name since at least January 2013, earliest I can find. But they should still verify it was still fake, that someone hadn’t claimed it. And while sanityfirst.wordpress.com is clearly a WordPress-dot-com site thus has content control, as WordPress won’t host “offensive” material, you can buy an URL redirect. As for people who have moved their blogs elsewhere, you can go to a WordPress address but end up somewhere different, and offensive.

By not checking, they could be linking their name to a site loaded with malware and featuring animal mutilations, and I don’t mean earrings and tattoos.

It’s a meaningless risk, since WordPress hands out free blogs. Sign up, make first post with inoffensive content, done. The name is yours until you delete your blog or WordPress does a major operational redesign that radically redefines their business model, and I don’t see the last happening anytime soon.

And don’t forget, the Internet remembers. As soon as you’ve used a link once on a site, you will always be using that link, anytime someone looks at where you’ve used that link. It might be in that site’s archives. Even if that site goes away, its pages and that link might still be in the Internet Archive, to be revealed by the Wayback Machine.

Likewise on the other end, a site address may lead someplace nice now, but the destination might not have always been nice. I checked this one, knew it was unused.

Because they didn’t bother to claim this blog address at all, the Internet could forever link them to something… unsavory. And highly embarrassing on a background check, let alone what an ordinary internet citizen clicking on their name will think.

It’s been over a month. No comments left here from them. We both post at the one blog, they haven’t mentioned anything. They keep linking to the address, oblivious. If they had complained… But now it’s too late.

So let this be a lesson worth noting. For something so cheap to obtain, if it’s worth using then it’s worth owning.

This blog is mine. Thank you for reading.


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Still alive last I checked.
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1 Response to Onward to the beginning

  1. kpsays says:

    Good Luck!

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